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Is being a dancer worth it?

If your in the dance world you know only too well how many sacrifices you make every week, never mind the blood, sweat & tears you pour into your training. But is it all worth it?? Is it worth years of strict timetables, aching bodies and so much more.

In my opinion.... yes it really is!

I spent what felt like my whole life, from 3yrs - 22yrs dancing, training, preparing for a life as a dancer. So what that's 19yrs of my life dedicated to dance classes, shows, competitions, performances, exams. My career spaned 10 years as a paid professional & even though its practically half the time I put in, it was soooo worth it.

To have a job that makes your heart & soul happy is so rare, I meal like four leaf clover rare. Not many people get up & go to work feeling extremely happy & blessed. I can 100% say that for my whole career every time I stepped on stage I was blissfully happy. Its the most incredible feeling that I can't really put into words. Its one of those if you know, you know situations.

So when your having a bad day and your don't feel good enough. Just take a minute sit down & look how far you've come. The best days are ahead but you've gotta keep going!!! You didn't come this far, to just come this far OK!

It's all worth it in the end I promise. Dancing isn't a long career but it's the best! So enjoy every second when you get there, because those will be some of the happiest days of your life.

Keep going dancers!!!

Emma x x x


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