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Hi guys and welcome to my Blog!!

Here is my life in a quick 2 minutes........I worked as a professional dancer for 8 years doing everything from European Casinos to Cruise ships around the world, I worked constantly in and out of the country which was great as I love to travel. This led onto me buying my first property and the decision to stay in England and get a full time job (Try to do the normal person thing) which is great because I wanted to build a home plus I missed my family loads. I wracked my brains for weeks what job did I want to go into now?!? I've always loved makeup and it had always been a really fun part of prep before a show so I decided to expand my knowledge and go into that. Along side working full time in makeup. which led onto working in department stores and then onto working in makeup studios which was hard work but a great way to learn the biz and fast, also thrown in a few private commissions such as makeup for weddings, private shoots and modelling shoots.

moving to the here and now me and my partner set up our own company called Pro-I. We then created the U.K's first adhesive Eyeliner Stencil. which ill go into more detail about in a later blog. after thats continued success and months of hard work and struggle We have just launched our second beauty product which i didn't even know i could be more excited about but hey i guess i can. its a 4 piece set of "Pink Diamond Eye Makeup brushes".......And thats me!

So that being said my blog is going to be all beauty related with reviews on makeup of today and ill throw in all the new products Im bringing out with Pro-I. You guys will get to know all the news before it hits the website because i'm nice like that! I'm also gonna keep you guys up to date with the DAILY struggles and success from pro-I and my journey with it.

Pro- I

How it came to be.....

On an autumn day in 2015 I had an idea for an eyeliner stencil with indicators market on it to help you create the perfect eyeliner wings, at 3 different sizes. At the time I was looking for a job after coming back from working onboard a cruise ship in Australia.

Things were a little stressful to say the least but in my opinion all the best things come from bad situations, thats life! I told my boyfriend about the idea and he immediately started to do some research. After weeks of looking we found that no one had a product on the market like this one (which made me sssoooooo excited I could have burst) So I set to work sketching up my designs and picking colours.

Getting a product from your thoughts to reality is a crazy process and it took us nearly 8 months but when you can see, touch and feel something you have dreamt about it's such an amazing feeling I can't really put it into words.

None of this would have been possible without the help and support of my amazing boyfriend and parents. However the hard work doesn't stop there in fact it's literally just began because now you need to let everyone know about your product and make them love it just as much as you do!!!!

You can find me on........

Instagram - proi2800

Twitter - OfficialPro_i

Facebook - Pro-iltd

Lots of Love Emma x x x

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