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Drugstore best buys

I think most of us love a bargain right?? I think we are more likely to tell our friends about a discount we got than if we paid full price for something. So with that in mind I wanted to tell you about my drug store favourite thing.

These products are all things I would 100% buy again and are a really good price so let's dive in.

I'm going to start with Superdrug.

• Natural radiant face roller - £14.99

if you dont own a face roller GET ONE!!! They are amazing. They reduce puffiness under the skin & around the eyes. They also lift the skin & make it appear more healthy looking. I honestly notice such a difference when I don't use mine.

TOP TIP - keep your roller in the fridge for an extra cooking sensation.

• NIP & FAB Glycolic fix exfoliating facial pads - £16.99

I absolutely love these for when your skin is looking a little dull & needs some TLC. They have a little tingle which I love and skin looks more even in colour and texture. You only need to use them a couple of times a week to see a real difference.

• Vasaline intensive care - coco radiant body lotion - £5.99

This smells like absolute heaven too me! Its not greasy at all but hydrates the skin so well leaving you soft & smooth. But best of all smelling good enough to eat!!

• Nivea Eye makeup remover double effect - £3.89

This is the best eyemakeup remover I have ever used and trust me as a mua I have tried plenty. I removes even waterproof eyemakeup in seconds, no need to rub the eye you just pour it onto a cotton pad then place it on the eye. Wait a couple of seconds then wipe away its incredible!!

• Superdrug Vitamin - E Hot cloth cleanser- £4.99

If you would like a little treat for your skin but don't have lots of money to spend atm grab one of these. This is the perfcet skin pink me up and is super gentle too. Its creamy texture is luxury on the skin and your skin feels super soft afterwards.

OK lets move on too Boot...

• Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes Hot Shots - £7.49

This one is for all the blondes. If you haven't had change to get bookiled in for your colour then why not try hot shots. They are a leave in treatment you can do in the shower and your hair comes out looking salon fresh and so much blonder. I have no idea how this works but its magic. Definitely a must before your next night out.

• Loreal Paris pure clay eucalyptus purifying face mask - £5.33

This is one of my favourite masks when I think my skin needs a little detox. If you are combination or oily and you feel your skin in a little congested this will get rid of all the nasty toxins and leave you feeling super clean. Its fab!

• Nutragina Norwegian formula hand cream concentrated - £2.66

Who doesn't need a hand cream right now with all the sanitizer I'm putting on i think I'm 50% alcohol atm. This one is the best its so moisturising and feels super soft on the skin. It doesn't take too long to soak in and your hands feel like your own again after just one use. This is a handbag essential for 2020.

• NARS - Sheer glow - £33.50

I nearly fell over when I saw that boots online are now stocking Nars wtf!! Im so happy!!! This is my absolute favourite foundation in the world I can't recommend this enough. Its beautiful on the skin & suitable for all skin types except extremely oily skin types. You will never regret buying this EVER!!!

• Real Techniques Brush cleansing palette - £10.99

I use this every time I clean my makeup brushes and they are so many! This really helps get deep into the brush hairs & get rid off all that makeup. Leaving brushes clean and germ free.

That my little drugstore round up guys and not just makeup today. If you enjoyed reading then please send the link too your friends & family.

Emma x x x


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