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How to smash an audition!

Over my 10 year as a dancer i have been to what feels like millions of auditions some good some bad and some just bizarre. I've learnt so much over that time and I'm here to share all my audition tips with you guys so here goes....

1. Paper work

Always take a copy (or two) of your current CV and a good quality head shot. Make sure your contact details are upto date and nothing is spelt wrong or digits missing. Even if you have previously sent over a copy of your CV and a head shot take one. There is nothing worse than running around trying to find a printer when you should be warming up to go into the audition.

2 . Time keeping

You need to give yourself plenty of time to sign in & warm up. I can't tell you how many times I've had to change in train bathrooms because the train was delayed and I wouldn't have much time when I eventually arrive at the venue. If its a huge company and a open call they maybe running early (it happens) and you want to be prepared for that. I would never want to walk into an audition late (its suicide) your behind on the routine, you've missed the introductions and the choreographer/ directors will just think you have bad time keeping and nobody likes that.

3 . Makeup

This may sound obvious but I know that 99% of dancers (me included) love rocking up to class/ rehearsal without their slap on. Trust me when I say an audition isn't the time for a fresh face. Its the time to put every makeup skill too good use. Choreographers want to look at you and see the whole package and if your looking your best on audition day they know you will look just as good every night on stage. Too them that's piece of mind. I always let my makeup compliment my outfit & the type of show I'm audition for. There is no point turning up with a grunge wet look smokey eye if your auditioning for a disney cruise right! Take a moment and think about the look you want to portray. If you need a little help with your stage makeup, we are here!!! Book in one of our Stage makeup Masterclass's and learn all the tips and tricks from a professional makeup artist.

4 . Outfit

Just like makeup your outfit tells the Choreographer ssssooooo much about you before you have done 1 step. Think about the show/job you are going for and dress accordingly. I would say stay away from very loose & baggy clothing unless you are auditioning for a hip hop commercial job. But again if you have baggy pant wear a tighter top and vis viscera. They need to see your body for size, look and costumes. Always wear something you feel confident in. If you are insecure about your tummy don't wear a crop top, you need to be fully focused in an audition and not feeling body conscious.

5 . Push

Get your ass too the front! Even if its not front row second row is fine to learn your routine, but you need to be seen. If you catch the directors eye before the group stage of the audition your winning. You have to be confident and look like this is all super easy. One of my choreographers use to say "fake it till you make it" and it couldn't be more true in the dance world.

6 . Sing

If you can sing do sing! Im not a singer but when I trained we had no choice and by the end of my 3 years I was confident enough to sing in an audition if I had too. Over time I was never asked too so my confidence flew away never too be seen again. If you dance & sing you will get more money and usually better parts. So dust off your sheet music and always have a few different songs in your bag incase you need them. Preparation is key!

7 . Listen

At the beginning of most auditions they will introduce everyone who is watching and working for the company as well as tell you about the job. Listen and retain! There is nothing worse than asking a question later on that had already been answered. You just look dumb and despite our reputation we arnt. Also try and remember the main peoples names they my become your employer and you need to know there job role.

8 . Space

Always be aware of the people around you and stay in your space. When learning your routine you will be surrounded by lots of other people so its important to stay in your area and not bump into other dancers. This shows the director you have good spatial awareness which you will need for every dance job. The time to use all the space is when you are split into groups to perform the routine. Then go for your life you may only get one shot to show them what your made of.

9 . Attitude

You may have had the journey from hell the day of your audition, you may have got up at some un godly hour of the morning, you may have forgotten your good luck charm but screw it. When you walk into the audition room you have to put that smile on & forget everything that happened earlier. You are being watched and judged every second you are in that room and someone with a bad attitude or miserable face will never get a job. No director wants a dancer who looks like hard work trust me. So turn it on!!! What better way to turn your day around than dancing right!!!

10 . Be happy

Being a dancer is the absolute best job in thd world (well it was to me) but man its not easy!!! Long hours, tired body, constant sacrifice, audition after audition, rejection not to mention competing with your friends. There is no way you can go through all that if you don't love it!!! Enjoy every moment because it will be the most amazing part of your life and it doesn't last forever. Work hard dancers it will all be worth it when you get that job trust me!!!

Emma x x


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