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Masks & your Make-up!

What a year 2020 has been so far! I don't know about you guys but I feel like I've aged dramatically over the last 5 months! Best start stocking up on the anti ageing serums and such.

Everyone keeps talking about "the new normal" and one of the big changes to every ones life (starting the 24th July) is face masks. For all my makeup loving ladies out there what does this mean for us? How do we keep the makeup on our faces and not look like a sweaty mess when we Peel away our face covering?

Well don't worry I'm here to share all my tips and tricks in case your not quite ready to ditch the makeup and go bare faced in to the world just yet ( it maybe the year of crazy things but lets not lose all our identity just yet)

Long wear makeup this is your time to shine! I can say 100% hand on heart that beautiful dewy foundations, CC & BB cream will not last 30 mins let alone all day under your mask. They will transfer straight onto your face mask and you will have a lovely bare face before you can say Covid- 19. The best base products to use are matte products and anything with long wear in the title. Don't panic if your all about the glow and matte just isn't your thing you can simply add an illuminator before your foundation and you will still get that glowy look but your foundation will last the day.

Other products that we all need to stock up on are primers, powders or setting sprays. As we are currently in July and the weather is treating us well (she says with everything crossed) a mattifying primer would be a wonderful purchase right now. Especially if you not a fan of having lots of extra layers of makeup i.e powders, setting sprays. Most beauty brands sell them and some also have spf in too. If your a matte makeup lover through and through you may need to top up on a light powder just to keep everything in place but you know the drill I'm sure.

Another product i'd definitely recommend is a good foundation brush. When you want your makeup to last you need to work the product into the skin so its not just sitting on top ready to get wiped away by your face mask. Working you base product in to your skin will take 1-2 mins longer than normal but will help keep it put and look more like your actual skin so its a win win really.

As the weeks roll on and you are spending more time in your face masks than your sweat pants, you may find your skin needs some TLC. Treat your face to more vitamins and masks at night or when you get in from work. Try to keep the skin hydrated and please don't forget to wash your masks if you have re-usable one. Over using your mask will not only harbour germs on the outside it will also transfer then on the inside. Think of your face mask as your own skin it need to be clean!

This year has been testing to say the least but I'm hopeful we are now over the worst so the rest of 2020 best watch out because we all coming for you with long wearing makeup and pretty face masks. Lets go ladies!!!

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Head MUA

Emma L Thorburn


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