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How to dress / look for a audition

Right, time to do the dancers in the room an absolute solid and tell you how to dress / look to bag yourself that next audition.

Firstly dress for the part. This maybe to most obvious thing I've ever said in my life but once you get on the audition circuit you tend to start dressing for comfort. Don't ever become complacent about your appearance when auditioning. First impressions are everything to casting directors & Choreographers. Remember they might only have a few seconds to look at each dancer in the room and if your looking a mess they won't look back.

If it says "wear tight clothing" don't ignore it and wear baggy joggers and a t-shirt. Equally don't wear everything spandex if your uncomfortable that way. Focus the attention on your best features. If you have incredible long legs, wear the tights and nickers. If you have a killer waits wear the two piece set. Work your outfit to your advantage.

Lets talk makeup... What you put on your face is just as important as what you put on your body. If your heading to a cruise audition don't turn up with a bare face! You won't stand out and it just looks like you got up late or didn't plan to come. Before the big day do some digging on the companies socials. Look at the dancers, research the shows, gather as much information on the company as you can. Then if you do get to speak to the director you have something to talk about and you can dress / look right for their image. You guys are so lucky its all so excisable so use it!!

Also I'm here to burst your bubble if you think your Charlotte Tilbury tinted moisturiser is going to see you through four rounds at a packed audition. WRONG it won't !! You don't want to start the day as one person and finish it as another. Use products that will last.

Here is a list of products NOT to use...

*Tinted glow moisturiser

*Liquid blush

*Lip gloss


I know what your thinking "Why???" Plus "these are all the things i love" That's all fine but keep them for the coffee shop after the audition. All these products won't last on your face once you sweat trust me!

So here are some products we always take in our audition makeup bag and work every time.


*Matte long wear foundation

*Powder matte bronzer

*Powder matte blush

*Matte red lipstick

*Setting spray

Another piece of advice everyone needs to hear is if you struggle with false eyelashes don't choose audition day to attempt them. You'l be so stressed putting them on and if they don't go right you will be so mad. Not what you need at all. But seriously this is something you need to learn, so practice at home when you have lots of time. If your the girl who can put her falsies on in her sleep 100% whip them on for auditions.

I have one last bit of advice for you and that's if you have a resting b*tch face naturally learn to change it pronto! The last thing you need is to do an incredible audition, be waiting at the side with a face like a slapped behind and the director see you. 9/10 you won't get booked, they will think you have a attitude and they won't ant the drama. Smile look engaged in whatever is going on at that moment.

Right dancers your all set! Go smash it and come back to tell us what tips worked for you. We love to hear your stories.

Emma x x x


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