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Taking your fears into next year!

Well thats another year very nearly done and I think I can speak for everyone when I say "that wasn't easy"

I definitely thought after what can only be described as 2020 the year from hell, that this year was going to be soooo different.

In some ways it's been so much better (thank the lord) but we still have the covid fear!

Fear of getting it, fear of passing it onto vulnerable family & friends, fear of cancelling work and losing business. I hate to be the bearer of bad news people but this won't disappear over night (sob) so what do we do??

Last year I was petrified of planning anything because as soon as I did it got cancelled or postponed over & over again. We now have 2years experience at this. We must of learnt something right!?

You need to take action & take back what's yours... your life! We need to evolve just like this virus does. You need a plan A) B) C) & D) this way if something does happen and plan A) & B) are out the window you still have a plan in place. That way we feel like we have it together even when the sky is falling, and trust me some days it does feel like that but the next day will be better if you plan.

I don't want to live in constant fear so multiple plans are the key to this. So let's ditch the "what ifs" for 2022 and think only good thoughts.

We can evolve better, bigger & bader than this crappy virus trust me history says so!

Get that diary out, make plans, see friends, look after yourself & have an amazing 2022 you deserve it!

Love & lipstick

Emma x


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