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Holiday must haves

I dont know how we got to July but its here and i keep day dreaming about my next holiday because well I'm English.

Whatever your planning for the summer im sure you would love some makeup tips to help give you that summer glow, so grab a cuppa or a glass of wine and get comfy.

So I'm going to bore you with my SPF talk first of all. Its a absolute must have and not just for laying on a sun lounge all day, you even need it to pop out for a pint of milk. One of the main factors of premature skin aging is the sun and im all about looking young and healthy for as long as possible, so spf is an every day essential. You need to be looking at factor 30 and up, anything less than that just isn't worth your time or money. Many of our every day makeup products already have SPF in them however its not enough to really look after your skin it needs to be a separate product. In my opinion this is totally worth a little splurge and your skin will thank you for it.

SPF recommendations

•Splurge - Elizabeth Arden - Great 8 daily defence moisturiser SPF 35+ £36

•Mid range - Body shop - Skin defense muti protection lotion. SPF 50 + £18

•Bargin - Simple - Protect & Glow liquid SPF 30 on sale £3.99

In the summer months I always think that less makeup looks better, plus who wants to be slapping on the heavy foundation in the boiling heat?? This is a great time to invest in a good tinted moisturiser or light weight foundation. I would recommend one with a little glow as it keeps your skin looking super healthy. The best ways to apply this kind of product is with a brush or using your hands. You can create a even and light coverage and keep it looking like your own skin but better. Using a beauty blender will not only eat most of your product but before you know it your base will be a full and heavy coverage and your light & bright holiday glow will be something different entirely.

Base recommendations

•Splurge - Nars - pure radiant tinted moisturiser spf 30 - £31

•Mid range - Kiko - Smart hydrating foundation £8

•Bargin - Nivea - Tinted moisturiser cream SPF 15 - £3.99

Bronzers are the ultimate summer essential and i love a good matte one. I tend to stay away from bronzers with too much shimmer in as using all shimmer products on the face will do you no favours and comes off looking a little amateur. Invest in a good matte bronzer to add depth and colour too the cheek bones. When I'm traveling abroad and only have hand luggage with limited toiletries (I hate those tiny plastic bags) I always use my bronzer on my eyes as well as my face. Its the perfect tone and always looks good.

Bronzer recommendations

•Splurge - Nars - Matte bronzing powder - £31

•Mid range - NYX - makeup matte brozer - £8

•Bargin - P.S - Sunset glow bronzer - £2.50

A cream blush and highlighter is the perfect combo for summer nights. Not only do these products look expensive on the skin they also give you that beautiful healthy glow which I love. Pink tones and golds work the best in the summer months.

Blush & highlighter recommendations

•Splurge - Nars - multiple - South Beach - £27

•Mid range - Iconic London sheer blush - £16

•Bargin - Nip & Fab liquid blush 03 passion peach - £6.48 in sale

The last summer must have besides a good mascara (if you dont have lash extentions on) is a lip gloss. Yes i said lip gloss and no im not stuck in the 90's although sometimes I wish i was it was a much simpler time. Lip gloss is the perfect lip product for summer not only are they pretty they moisturise sore lips and are super easy to apply with absolutely no fuss. I recommend the ones with a little colour to compliment my makeup looks.

Lip gloss recommendations

• Splurge - Fenty - Gloss bomb - £17

•Mid range - Kiko - 3D Hydra lip gloss - £8

•Bargin - P.S - Mink Pink lightweight ultra shine high gloss - £1.50

Whatever your plans this summer enjoy every moment with your nearest and dearest. If this year has taught us anything its that time is precious and we can't take the little things for granted.

Emma x x x


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