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Meet The Team


Emma Thorburn


Head Makeup artist

adam headshot.jpg

Adam Thorburn


Director of operations

mike head shot.jpg



Head photographer

Emma was a professional dancer for 10 years, travelling the world working on cruise ships in 5* resorts, casinos in Europe, uk tours and much more. After such a wonderful 10 years she decided to swap her dance shoes for brushes and break into the world of makeup. Emma has worked for two of the worlds biggest beauty brands Benefit cosmetics & Nars. She's worked on countless photo shoots, weddings, festivals and runway events. Her makeup skills have also lead her too T.V documentaries and online clothing brands. Emma set up Pro-i to share all her makeup skills, knowledge and trade secrets with performer around the UK through masterclasses and 1 to 1 lessons.  



Adam has managed many successful companies in the UK and overseas. Working for some of the UK'S biggest retailers Adam is always at the for front of new products and services. He has a vast knowledge of  makeup (even through he hates to admit it) Adam strives to make every masterclass, appointment and photo session a perfect fit for your dance school or college. By understanding that every customer is unique and tailors our services too your needs.

Mike Palmer is a professional photographer whose work is in homes of thousands of families across the country. 

His dance photography draws inspiration from his own vast career as a performer, having worked as a singer for many years in the U.K and all over the world. Having worked on stage with hundreds of dancers, Mike has a unique ability to see things from the dancers perspective when looking to create images to highlight the strength and beauty of a dance. Covering beauty, strength, discipline and creativity, Mike's photographs allow his subject to be showcased in their best light.  


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