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5 products I can't live without!

So here are my top 5 beauty products I couldn't live without. Lets all pray I never have too haha!!!

1) Apricot face Scrub

Don't get me wrong I love makeup but I love a clean fresh face SSSOOOOOO much more and nothing cleans like this!!! I'm oily / combination skin type so an exfoliating scrub is a must for my weekly routine. My skin feels so soft and fresh after using this i honestly love it!

2) Nars - Pore & Shine primer

Using the Nars Pore & Shine primer I feel like I can use pretty much any foundation even though I have oilly/combo skin. The african white wood in the primer helps reduce any oil that would normally come through my makeup. Absolute must for my skin type.

3) Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter - Rose Gold

I use this every day under my foundation it gives me such a healthy looking glow thats not too much. You can use them over your makeup too. I find the best way to apply this over makeup would be with a small fluffy blending brush that way the foundation doesn't move.

4) Nars - Velvet Matte tinted moisturiser

Day to day I prefer to use a tinted moisturiser rather than a full foundation and this one is such good coverage which is sooooooo rare for this type of product. It feels so light on the skin and is a matte finish. I use this every day and I wouldn't be without it! Thank you Nars.

5)Bright Lip -

I say this without an absolute favourite because I love sssooooo many!! But just by putting on a bright lip colour it makes me happy, it changes my whole look colour really does amazing things. Here are some of my most used -

Nars - Star Woman - Power Matte Lip Pigment

Mysterious Red - Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Kiko 413 - Smart Fusion Lipstick

428 - Smart Fusion Lipstick

Chanel - 104 - Rouge Allure

I hope you loved this weeks Beauty Talk, leave a comment on my website and let me know xoxo

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