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When I was a dancer (I say that like I'm 80 or something haha) I'm in my 30's just to clear that one straight up. Anyway when I was a dancer and I got a job that may of been for one night or 11 months, the thing I would do after meeting the other cast members would be to find out who was the strongest dancer. By that what I'm really saying is who was better than me? Why are they better? What makes them the strongest dancer in the team? When I had found this out i'd then try and learn as much as possible from that person and take inspiration from them to make myself the best that I could be. 

Every one has that super strong point and I was always taught not to be jealous or sad that I didn't have it, to work hard instead and make yourself better by learning from others. 

I feel like iv adopted this not just through my dance career but into life fullstops. I love nothing more than seeing other peoples AMAZING makeup creations because wow honestly people are sssooooooo talented. But instead of sitting there thinking "nah she didn't do that eye makeup" or commenting with a negative comment on social media why not appreciate, process and learn from that person? 

I really love social media and I feel so lucky that we now have that platform to pretty much say what ever we like, but what happened to manners? When did everyone become so nasty and jealous? Thats not the world I want to live in do you? 

Im all about self growth and being the best version of yourself.

So use all the amazing things around you take them in and learn to become an even better you.

Emma xoxo

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