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5 beauty life savers for winter

Has anyone else struggles through winter with there skin/ makeup? I'm an oily skin type NORMALLY but its been sssoooooo dry over the last 2 months i'v really had to adapt my skin care routine and change makeup products too. So this being said id like to share with you all some really lifesavers that I think everyone should know about, so here we go.............

1) THE BODY SHOP - Vitamin E - Cream Cleanser & Hydrating Toner.

Since using this clearer and toner Ive had so many complements on my skin (I know metal) Its so hydrating and super soothing on the skin. It contains Vitamin E and moisturising wheatgerm oil. Suitable for all skin types. My skin feels 100 times softer and more hydrated than before use its honestly a must.

2) SUPER DRUG - B.Confident - Hyaluronic Acid Facial Spritz.

This is such a quick and easy product to use and has been a real life saver when I don't have time to do my full routine in the morning I.E - need to walk the dog or running late for the gym. This goes directly onto the skin after cleansing. It gives you unto 12 hours of moister and the hyaluronic acid helps hydrate and visibly plumps the skin. Now I wouldn't use this instead of a moisturise but as well as. Suitable for all skin types.I love it!!!

3) SUPER DRUG - Vitamin C - Detox Skincare - Invigorating skin booster.

This is such an amazing product and so affordable too. This is a huge boost of vitamin C for the skin which trust me your face will really thank you for. Its a very light weight liquid/serum i would say and I use this day and night before my normal moisturiser. It soaks in straight away and the smell is just incredible!! It really does leave you skin feeling softer and looking brighter, just what we all need. Super drug have honestly though of everything as its suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

4) Nars - Sheer Glow foundation.

There is no better foundation on the market today thats lightweight, medium - full coverage AND super hydrating. Its glycerin base is what gives you the hydration, it also contains turmeric which helps brighten the skin. Its a total dream to apply and a little bit really does go along way.

5) Nars - Radiant Creamy Concealer

Another hydrating and super creamy product from Nars!! They really know how to look after a gal. Its lightweight and has a beautiful radiant finish ( hence the name) Paragon free, alcohol free, synthetic fragrance free, non comedogenic (this means your skin can still breath underneath ) yes its the dream under eye concealer for those dryer winter days.

Body Shop - Vitamin E - Cleanser & Toner

Super Drug - Hyaluronic Acid Facial spritz

Super drug - vitamin C - Detox Skin

Nars - Sheer Glow Foundation

Nars - Radiant Creamy Concealer

I hope you guys enjoyed my post and have seen maybe one or two products that could help you out with your winter dryness. What are your Fav products at the moment leave a comment and let me know. Sharing is caring after all.

Emma xoxo

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