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Losing your spark

I don't know about you guys but everyday I wake up feeling like I have a huge list of things to achieve that day. Sometimes its so overwhelming I don't really know where to start!!! I live my day to day life with lists, mainly because I have a memory like a Dori fish.

My list consist of a whole heap of different things from house work, emails, phone calls and the pressure to get through this list by then end of the day is HUGE!!!All this pressure comes from ME no one else just me making life hard for myself! Yes I'm mental!!

Im slowly learning this isn't the key to happiness or success for that matter. This is the road to bad moods, tiredness and just lots of self loathing. So that being said I'm now trying to shorten my lists to some kind of doable length that must include something that I enjoy doing or makes me feel better everyday.

I have to hold my hands up and say I have been totally crap over with Pro-i over the last 4 months because of various reasons would you like a list???

But I'm putting my foot down and I'm going to get back on it because I have worked so hard creating a product and a brand from nothing it would be stupid to stop now.

My dad always tells me its important to take a moment and look back at everything you have achieved and I couldn't agree more. In life we always feel we can do better and although thats a wonderful mentality to have you need to give yourself credit for everything you have already done.

So today just sit back take a minute and look at what you've achieved!!! Pretty amazing when you think about it I'm sure!?

Now think about what you would like to achieve in the next year or so. You can do it!! Look at what you have already done!

Everyone loses there spark at some point but the great thing there is you can get it back just as quick.

So take a moment to believe in yourself.

Amazing things happen with a little determination, self believe and hard work!!

Emma xx

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