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I can't begin to tell you how glad I am to be born in this generation (btw I'm 31. 32 this year don't know how it happened but thats for another time) What I mean by that is that I love the fact that its acceptable to go through life and have multiple different careers. 70 - 80 years ago it was unheard of, you left school you chose something you were good at and stuck at it because well basically you needed to earn a living. Its all changed now and I think its wonderful that you can retrain later in life and change your whole career.

From the age of about 5yrs old to the age of 16 when I left school if you asked me "what do you want to do when you grow up?" I was the same answer...... I wanted to be a dancer. Nothing could change my mind, no amount of career talks would EVER change that. I mean yes I'm stubborn and I really hate it when people say "you will never make it" or "its too competitive" I would just smile politely and say ok fair enough thats your opinion we'll see!!!

Now when I sit and think about my 8 years professional dancing career I'm filled with so much joy, happiness and most of all love so much love because it was my dream, my career and my life. I never for one moment thought of giving up and doing something else. Not even when I was In ballet on a Friday morning at Theatre School, legs shaking because you feel like your body can't possibly take any more and you still had another 6 hours of the day left hahaha or when I was number 657 at an audition in London with what felt like another 600 blonde girls that look just like me no not even then!!! To me giving up is never an option and I will always feel like that no matter how hard things get I would rather die trying.

When I decided to leave the dancing world behind me it was hard!!! Im not going to lie and say "yeah one day I just woke up and thought I'm gunna do something else" and that was that because oh lordy thats really not how it went down. It probably took me a good year to get over it (its sounds ridiculous when I say that) but its true! Its so hard when its your decision and something hasn't forced you to stop like injury or illness. Its just you coming to a sensible decision and starting a new chapter of your life. But I can honestly say I had the best 8 years EVER and no matter what I will always have those amazing experiences and friends and I'm just so so grateful for that.

I honestly NEVER thought I would find another career I loved as much as Dance but I was wrong! (Huge smile) Going into the makeup world has been amazing!!! Hard at time and again super competitive but hey on the plus side I'm use to that and because you know I don't take the easy road....... ever!!!! I decided to start my own company too. No biggie like ya do along side my full time job in the industry hahahahaha I must be mad!!!! I love to push myself and I honestly have the most ridiculous dream but thats what makes me me and thats what keeps me going.

My advice to anyone who has a dream but is really scared to pursue it is "what are you waiting for?" In all reality whats the worst that could happen? You fail...... so what!! Sit back take stock re-think and try again. In my eyes the impossible is always possible where would we be if no one ever tried something new?! The human race would be a mess!! TAKE THE CHANCE!!!! Follow your dreams but don't call them dreams call them goals I dare you!!!!!

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