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Mascara dilemmas!

The perfect Mascara is so hard to come by they all claim to do AMAZING things like “make your lashes 10x longer” or “Give you the false lash effect” and lets be honest most of it isn’t really true. Over the years I have tried out sssoooooo many mascaras and here is my recommendation……..

Roller Lash from Benefit is wonderful!!!

It has an amazing hook & roll brush that separates your lashes while curling them. The brush has two sides one for your upper lashes and one for your lower lashes (genius) The mascara gives you a lovely satin finish and holds for the whole day. I also love it because it doesn't crumble on me WINNER!!! This mascara really opens up my eyes and gets all the tiny lashes to make it look like I have loads and who doesn't want that right!?!

** Makeup Artist Tip**

Always do a coat of mascara on the top of your lashes first. This helps keep them set in place when you coat the normal side and if you have blond lashes it will make them appear darker from every angle.


Pro-I Pink Diamond

Blending brush

Firstly lets just take a moment to appreciate how cute this brush is!!!

Made with synthetic hair thats two tone pink and white, the blending brush is super soft and a makeup must have for everyone. Its the perfect size to create so many makeup looks from subtle everyday to the ultimate smokey eye. As the brush is super soft and fluffy it blends colour seamlessly and with ease to give you a professional finish every time.

As if all that wasn't enough its held together with a rose gold ferrule…… need I say more?!

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