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New! 7 piece pink diamond brush set

New! 7 piece pink diamond brush set


Our brand new 7 piece brush set is perfect for novice - professional makeup lovers. Made with the highest quality sythetic hair, rose gold detail and pink diamond handle our brush's are cruelty free and vegan friendly.


This set includes...


*Foundation Brush

*Blusher brush

*Contour brush

*Multi use brush

*Eyeshadow brush

*Angled brush

*Flat brush


Grab them while you can!!! 

  • Cleaning your brushes

    How to clean your brushes

    1) Half fill a bowl with warm water

    2) Sqeeze baby sampoo in the palm of your hand

    3)Dip the brush hairs ONLY into the water

    4) With a circular motion run the brush around your palm and in the shampoo

    5) dip brush hairs into the warm water to rinse 

    6) Face the brush down  and squeeze out the excess water

    7)Rest your brushes on a flat surface on a clean towel or cloth

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