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PRO-I hypo-allergenic Eyeliner stencil pack

PRO-I hypo-allergenic Eyeliner stencil pack

SKU: 0001

x10 Pro-I luxury hypo-allergenic eyeliner stencils. Eyeliner made easy with our stencils! 1) Place the stencil from the corner of your eye heading up towards your brow 2) The pink part sits near your lower lash line with the number going up toward your eye brow 3) Check your stencils are even on both eyes and your ready to wing it. Easy to use with 3 size indicators to guide you too the perfect eyeliner wing EVERY TIME!!!


    Aspire to perfection! With PRO-I 's NEW Eyeliner stencil. Its a hypoallergenic adhesive tape which will guide you to the perfect symetrical eyeliner wings everytime.  

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